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Why write a blog for us?

Stories have a powerful way to deliver a message. Ignorance is prevalent when it comes to mental illness and it’s important to educate the masses to drive out stigma and raise a greater level of understanding.

If you have a story to tell, we would love to hear yours. Are you a blogger? An Author? Or a carer with something to say? We are looking for contributors to our community who have a heart to share to support and engage with other carers.

What we look for in our blogs

We accept pitches on the following topics surrounding mental health:

  • Supporting a partner who is battling depression and/ or anxiety disorder
  • Building resilience in yourself in order to maintain a healthy life while caring for a loved one with mental illness
  • Stories of hope, courage and fighting stigma
  • Research based articles that show scientific evidence of theories or therapies

Writing and sending you blog

To contribute to our community, please read the guidelines available at the following link before filling out the contact form. Learn more here – A Black Dog About The House Blog Contributor Guidelines.

For any enquiries regarding the guidelines, contact us using the form below.


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